Quality Control

Bristol Steel's Quality Control System Overview

At each Phase of fabrication Bristol has in place a full time Quality Control Person that reports only to each shop Manager respectively.   

Each manufactured piece of steel is checked at the end of every process to ensure the following:

  • Each piece is dimensionally correct

  • Each piece has appropriate finish

  • Each piece welds match the quantity, type and length shown on the engineered drawings, and has been stamped with the welder’s initials

All paint matches engineered prints and has been applied to the mil thickness required per the specification and paint manufacturers recommendations.    

Any deviations in the process are recorded on a Bristol NCR (Non-Conformance Report) and a piece is red-tagged and routed to repair.      

Each NCR is tracked and evaluated as to root cause by the Quality Management Team.        

Root causes are addressed and recorded on the NCRs and addressed weekly during the Project Management Review Meeting to ensure read across occurs for all projects.    

Assignment of a Champion takes place during the PM Meeting and closure of issue is tracked.         

Job Close Out Meetings Include a review of every NCR generated during the life of the project to determine if changes and or improvements to the affected processes need to take place.