Bristol Manufacturing was started in 1982 as a division of Bristol Steel, and was tasked with the re-manufacturing of high capacity rigger forklifts and fabrication of heavy machinery mover carts. Due to the unavailability of such equipment, other companies started renting and buying this equipment, thus a new business was formed.

In 1998, Bristol Manufacturing was incorporated and is currently the industry leader in high capacity equipment and builds as many as 60 units in a given year! A few examples of what we produce:



Mini Rigger Special
30,000 lb. Capacity
94" High X 144" Long X 56" Wide
96" Wheel Base 
Unmatched Versatility


Rigger Special 60
60,000 lb. Capacity
96" High X 186" Long X 86" Wide (stock)
Long/Short Wheel Base available
Built to specification


Rigger Special 80-100
60,000-100,000 lb. Capacity
106" High X 199" Long X 96" Wide (stock)
Long/Short Wheel Base available
Built to specification


  • Member of the SCRA (Specialized Carriers & Riggers Association)

  • Member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

  • Member of the Richfield Twp. & Davison Chambers of Commerce

  • Bristol Manufacturing is fully licensed and insured